Flashing lights and tomorrow it´s friday

ph. by me. Imorgon är det lov!! Weeepwoop!!!!

Longing for summerdays

ph. by me.

It goes around the world

ph. by Ellen Rogers. Btw, jag bajsar snett på vädret.

Dear Lord, you took so many of my people

ph by Elena Kalis

I will follow you into the dark

ph. by me

When things are not clear

Hey girl, Hey cute girl

A perfect guide, Vouge Espana

Wanna see it, let me show it

I love my new friend, Zebra.

- Jag önskar att du behövde mig lika mycket.

Do you count the flakes when it snows

ph. by me.

Bang, Bang, I will shoot you in the forehead

By Matt Sundin


Boys boys boys and butts

ph. by Mario Testino

Today was a good day

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god, Shoes.

Imorgon ska jag provjobba på ett café! Wish me good lucccck!! Over and out, good night!

King size bed and beer

Beautiful Stockholm

ph. by me. Har haft en sjukt bra helg. Och nu är jag äntligen 18 år fyllda!! Sweet.

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